Will Angelo Lutz’s past ever let him have a successful future?

Angelo Lutz, a boisterous South Philadelphia man who served seven years in federal prison after a mob-trial rackeetering conviction, has a question for the world: When will he be done repaying his debt to society?
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Angelo Lutz, The Kitchen Consigliere (June 2013)

By Angelo Lutz

When I opened my restaurant in Collingswood, NJ on November 15th, 2010, I had one thought in mind—create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in which I would be able to serve Italian comfort food.

This is the food of my mother and grandmother, God rest their souls, the food I grew up on, the food whose taste and aroma signals not only the start of a great meal, but the feelings of joy and contentment and happiness that are part of the Italian-American experience.

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